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Sanguinololu 1.3b2 Kit

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This kit has all the SMT components already pre soldered and only the connectors and pin headers needs soldering. The board is already programmed with bootloader and ready for firmware. Sanguinolol...
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This kit has all the SMT components already pre soldered and only the connectors and pin headers needs soldering.

The board is already programmed with bootloader and ready for firmware.

Sanguinololu is a low-cost all-in-one electronics solution for Reprap and other CNC devices. It features an onboard Sanguino clone using the ATMEGA1284p. Its four axes are powered by 4pcs Pololu pin compatible stepper drivers (not included!).

New improved version

Version 1.3b2 has no schematic changes from version 1.3a - the bootloader however is changed to reflect the CPU upgrade though your 1.2+ compatible firmware should still work fine. The hardware changes:

  • ATX 4-pin Mini-Fit connector were removed so only the 2-pin screw terminal remains
  • Solder jumper for endstop voltage selection removed, now fixed to 5 volt rail
  • Through-hole MS1, 2 & 3 pinheaders substituted by solder jumpers
  • Through-hole enable/disable USB auto-reset pinheader substituted by solder jumper
  • Through-hole 16MHz oscillator crystal substituted by equivalent SMD type
  • Through-hole Voltage regulator (TO-220 LM7805) substituted by equivalent SMD type
  • Through-hole reset button substituted by equivalent SMD type
  • 3-pin endstop connector substituted by 4-pin type (the two center pins are Ground)
  • The space between the ICSP/SPI header and the expansion port has been enlarged from 50 to 100 mils
  • General optimizations of traces in circuit layout
  • FTDI pin header beneath the USB plug were removed
  • ATMEGA644P was substituted by ATMEGA1284P to give more space for firmware (more functionality: SD-cardreader, display etc.)
  • Change of bootloader, now uses ATmegaBOOT_168_atmega1284p.hex which can be found on code.google.com

The resulting PCB now mostly consists of SMD components thereby facilitating easier production

Source: [1]

Features of the Sanguinololu 1.3b2 Kit

  • Small design - board is 100mm x 50mm (4" x 2") - barely an inch longer than a business card!
  • Sanguino clone, Atmel's ATMEGA1284p (Ready for the LCD Panelolu)
  • Up to 4 Pololu stepper driver boards (or Pololu compatible) on-board (X,Y,Z,Extruder) (without voltage regulator)
  • Supports multiple power configurations:
-- Logic & Motors supplied by ATX power supply (needs molex harddrive connector, and optional 4pin atx connector for additional 12v/supply voltage)
-- Motors supplied by 5mm screw terminal 7-35V
-- Logic supplied by USB bus
-- Logic supplied by optional on-board voltage regulator (molex harddrive connector cannot be installed at the same time)
  • Supports multiple communication configurations:
-- FT232RL on-board for USB connectivity
-- USB2TTL header is available for FTDI cable, or BlueSMIRF bluetooth module
  • 2 thermistor connectors with circuitry
  • 2 N-MOSFETs for extruder/bed, or whatever
  • Selectable 12v(or supply voltage)/5v endstop voltage
  • Edge connectors enabling right-angle connections
  • Silkscreen for connectors on both sides of the board, facilitating bottom cable connections
  • 13 Extra pins available for expansion and development - 6 analog and 8 digital, with the following capabilities
-- UART1 (RX and TX)
-- I2C (SDA and SCL)
-- PWM pin (1)
-- Analog I/O (5)The boards are preloaded with bootloader and the latest Sprinter firmware.

 Getting Started with the Sanguinololu 1.3b2 Kit

This is a summary of the steps required to get the Sanguinololu board up and running.

  • Visit the RepRap wiki Sanguinololu page page to assemble the kit, or if you have a pre-assembled one then check out the wiring diagram.
  • The firmware is configured for a standard Prusa Mendel. If you have a different setup then you will need to modify it as appropriate. There is a RepRap wiki guide on how to modify Sprinter here, (see also the YouTube video link at the bottom of the page) and Prusa has a good calculator for different hardware configurations here (Arduino extensions for Sanguinololu 1284p boards here)
  • Use the crimp connectors and housings to wire up your motors, hotend, heated bed, thermistors and endstops. There is an excellent video by Nophead on how to use the crimp connectors.
  • Install your host software. We recommend Printrun / Pronterface, but it will work fine with the other host software options; RepRap host, RepSnapper, ReplicatorG etc.
  • Connect to your printer using a standard USB A-B cable, you should use 115200 baud as that is the speed Sprinter is set to. Check that you get communication with the printer, the command M105 will return the current temperatures being read from the thermistors.
  • Turn on your 12V power supply, try and move the X, Y, Z and extruder axis using your host software. Ensure your hotend and heated bed heats up, ensure the endstops work and stop the axis when triggered.
  • Note that if you use the Sanguinololu to run a heated bed directly it will draw approx 10A through the heated bed mosfet. A heatsink is strongly recommended and your power supply needs to be at least 300W.
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